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Representing Defendants In Injury Claims

Serious injuries happen every day, and victims can suffer long-lasting physical and financial damages. The law allows victims to pursue compensation from a person, company, or organization that negligently or intentionally caused them harm. For example, if a company knowingly manufactured and sold a dangerous product, a person injured by that product may pursue civil litigation against the company to recover the costs of medical care, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages. However, regular people may also be named as defendants in personal injury claims, and in these cases, it is important to have a skilled defense from an experienced attorney.

At Laraia & Whitty, P.C., our civil litigation lawyers understand the legal issues involved in personal injury cases, and we are prepared to defend you against these claims and help you achieve a satisfactory outcome to your case. We will look to resolve these claims out of court when possible, but if necessary, we are prepared to fight for your rights in the courtroom. Each party to a civil action has a right to a defense, and your defense should be presented by experienced litigators who will present your side of the story will diligence, intelligence, and compassion.

Personal Injury Defense Cases

If you have been accused of injuring someone else, we will fully investigate the circumstances of the injury and determine the best approach to take. In some cases, we may be able to demonstrate that a plaintiff was fully or partially responsible for their own injuries, while in others, we may be able to show that a plaintiff’s injury was due to a preexisting condition or that they failed to take the proper action to mitigate the extent of their injury, such as receiving medical care within an appropriate period of time. We will also assist you in handling the matter and working with your insurance company to provide to you the defense you deserve.

We can assist with a wide variety of injury cases, including:

  • Battery – Altercations involving two or more people, such as bar fights, can lead to serious injuries and claims that one person committed the crime of battery against the other. We can help you determine the best defense in these cases, such as showing that you acted in self-defense or that the plaintiff acted in a way in which they knew there was a possibility of being injured.
  • Intentional torts – While many personal injury cases rely on the claim that a defendant acted negligently and did not take the proper care to protect others from harm, some cases claim that the defendant intentionally injured the plaintiff. In these situations, we can help you demonstrate that you did not act maliciously and that you were not responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries.
  • Sex abuse – Contact between two people in the workplace, at church or between a teacher and student may be deemed inappropriate, and in addition to facing criminal charges, a person who is accused of sexual offenses may face a civil lawsuit. In cases such as this, we will launch an aggressive defense using any mitigating circumstances and evidence to limit your liability.
  • Online bullying and defamation – The use of social media is playing an increasingly important role in people’s lives, but it has also created situations where accusations of stalking, defamation, and bullying are rampant. If you are facing a lawsuit involving accusations of cyberbullying or online defamation, we can help you determine your best options for defense.

Contact A Wheaton Personal Injury Defense Lawyer

Personal injury cases can be very complex, and a judgment against you can result in serious financial consequences. To help protect your rights and ensure that you can avoid or minimize the requirement to pay damages, you need a skilled and experienced legal advocate on your side. At Laraia & Whitty, P.C., we can help you achieve positive results in your case. To schedule a free consultation, contact our office today at 630-228-9984. We represent clients throughout the greater Chicago area, including DuPage County, Will County, Cook County, Kendall County and Kane County.